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Anthony Fortescue

Please find attached a short statement from The Fowey Rivers Association on the death of Anthony Fortescue here

Ladyvale Bridge - Fish-pass - work completed

Regular viewers will remember the exciting news that the fish-pass at Ladyvale Bridge on The Cardinham River was due to start September. (See here)

The work is now complete - and we eagerly await the Fry Survey results in the next couple of years to see the results.

EA Restormel Fish Counter - 2015 Jan to Aug

Here is the EA Counter Figures from the fish-counter at Restormel.

The Sea Trout run was bang-on the 10-year average and down on last year
Some large fish, probably large Sea Trout (hens) entered earlier this year.

As the year progresses we think of these larger fish as being predominantly Salmon, with the run starting slower than last year but building up to the 10-year average as we head into Autumn.

Fishing conditions have certainly been good - so it will be interesting to compare the run and rod catch figures for 2015.

Download the full report here - RestormelCountSummary2015_Sept.pdf

Ladyvale Bridge - Fish-pass works starting soon

Ladyvale Bridge in Cardinham Woods is beautiful - but the newer bridge beside it has been causing a block to migrating fish in all-but perfect water conditions.

West Country Rivers Trust & The Fowey Rivers Association have been working with The Environment Agency & The Forestry Commission to plan a fish-pass around the 'pipe-culverts'

The work has been approved and funding sourced - which is great news.

Better still - work will start very soon, probably in the coming week.

Here are the 'before' pictures - Hopefully the after pictures won't be too long coming -