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FRA Conservation Guidelines - 2016

The FRA has released new guidelines for conservation of salmon and sea trout in the River Fowey and it’s tributaries. The guidelines are effective from the start of the 2016 season -Return 2 in every 3 rod-caught salmon to the River Fowey. Maintain the… Read more

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Salmon in the St Neot River

Thanks to close partnership working between the FRA, SWW and the Environment Agency a sonar fish monitor was placed in the St Neot immediately upstream of the junction with the Fowey for six weeks from 8 December. During that time five releases of water… Read more

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Signal Crayfish found in The Fowey

The Environment Agency have confirmed that they have discovered Signal Crayfish in the upper reaches of The River Fowey in The Draynes Valley. While the EA undertake trapping of the larger adults and further survey work to find the extent of the… Read more

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Trout & Salmon - Save Our Salmon

In May 2015 Trout & Salmon magazine launched Save Our Salmon – a campaign that seeks to highlight the plight of the wild Atlantic salmon and raise funds to return the species to abundance. Organisations were asked to pitch ideas that they believe will… Read more

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St Neot Salmon Hatchery

Following a study into the suitability of either Colliford or Park Pit for a new Hatchery to restock the St Neot with Salmon - South West Water have announced that Colliford is the preferred site for a Hatchery. South West Water will design and… Read more

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Rod License Renewal

** Reminder **Rod Licence RenewalMost of our anglers have annual Migratory Fish (Salmon & Sea Trout) licenses - which are coming up for renewal - update yours here --> http://www. postoffice. co. uk/rod-fishing-licence Read more